fig. 1 filmstill SILENT PINES

SILENT PINES is approaching what is left after a big fire. The video follows a pathway through the burnt and silent forest. It is an attempt to get in touch with and to become aware of an incident of destruction caused by humans.

The one take sequence was filmed in July 2019 near Sertã, Portugal some days after a forest fire. Within four days about 8500 hectares were burnt by the fire that was stretching over a distance of 25km.


Full HD, 16:9, color
stereo 2.0
05'00'' duration
Camera - Anna Lina Signorello
Creative Assistant - Alexandros Vrettos
Color Grading - Ramón Königshausen

fig. 2-6 film location in Sertã, 2019

Rebekka Friedli 2023 🦕️