fig. 1 exhibition view at Neubad Luzern, 2016

The video installation MIT DEM BLICK NACH OBEN (UP THERE) is a twenty-minute loop that literally changes your perspective and explores the audiovisual possibilities of looking up. The video is projected from below onto a horizontal screen and experienced while lying down. The camera position shows the world from below through an extreme low angle. By looking upwards, the visitors dive into underwater worlds and return to the surface of the water, into a new world that unfolds above their heads. The diving in and out of the water divides the film into individual scenes that tell different moods and stories. The visual worlds are accompanied by a sound composition by the artist Thomas Kuratli, who inter- weaves noises and musical sounds.

video installation

FullHD, 16:9, color
stereo 2.0
23’ duration, looped
size variable

a project by KOLLEKTIV BETON
music & sounddesign - Thomas Kuratli

supported by:
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Casimir Eigensatz Stiftung GGL Stadt Luzern
Stadt Wädenswil


fig. 2-5 exhibition view at Neubad Luzern, 2016

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