fig. 1 filmstill DRAWING CIRCLES

The seamless loop of DRAWING CIRCLES unfolds at night in the forest. Close above the forest floor, the camera follows a faintly glowing thread that leads over wet leaves and passes stones and bushes. A figure appears and disappears again. Carried by deep, spherical sounds, the white thread draws its circles in the darkness of the night. What remains is the beginning of an interpretation in the twists and turns of the thread and in the unpredictability of what is to come.

Video, 4K 16:9
color, stereo 2.0
17‘16‘‘ , seamless loop

Cast - Hanae Corio
Kamera - Miro Peloso
Musik - Thomas Baumann

supported by
Kanton Bern
Burgergemeinde Bern

Rebekka Friedli 2023 🦕️